About Ben

Benjamin Wilbanks has been playing piano since the age of 5. His grandfather encouraged him to play on the keys and Ben learned to play along side learning to read and write. After seven years of classical piano training he moved to a year of contemporary piano studies followed by three years of piano improvisation and theory.

It was with this last instructor that Benjamin learned how to lean on his musical ear and play by ear. A gift of a Kawaii Concert Grand from his grandfather furthered his piano interests and he was playing jazz and standards by his mid-20’s.

For several years Benjamin worked in film and television production in various duties including co-creating, writing and directing the syndicated television series, Ghostbreakers. He still currently occasionally works in production as a member of the sound department, but the vagabond lifestyle of the production-worker has given way to his first love – the piano.

A graduate of the Piano Technicians Academy, Benjamin offers tuning, regulating, voicing and servicing most standard style pianos – spinets, uprights and grands. As a Certified Piano Technician he enjoys sharing his love for the keyboard with pianist by servicing their instrument.