Monarch @ The Wedding

The wedding came and went and went well. Having only about a week from digging the Baldwin Monarch out of a garage to performing on it at a wedding a things went very well.
The piano had been a rat’s nest and covered in feces, dirt and garage grease. During the week working on the Monarch I regulated the keys, replaced some strings and cleaned every inch of the piano I could reach.

During the ride to the wedding venue we ran into a rain storm. Fortunately we’d wrapped the piano in furniture pads, then cling wrap and then a tarp before strapping it onto the truck.
Setting up on site was quick and easy. I got my clothes changed and had a chance to cool off before playing as people entered the venue. Then I played “Here Comes The Bride” as she walked up the isle.

The Monarch performed flawlessly. It held its tune well after all that moving and filled the space perfectly. As far as a grand piano goes, a baby Monarch is fairly easy to move.
After enjoying the ceremony for a while I changed clothes again and we packed up the Monarch on the dolly and back on the truck for the ride home.
Now back in the garage awaiting further restoration, the 1914 Monarch is a pleasure to play on daily and can travel easily for your next event.

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