Piano Restoration

1914 Monarch Restoration

On Memorial Day I was summoned to a garage to discover a 1914 Monarch petite baby grand covered in dust, debris and rat droppings. Despite the sediment this piano had potential and I had space for it.
Once in the piano garage I cleaned and polished all the parts I could remove – legs, music stand, fallboard and cheekblocks, lid and lid stand.
I removed the keybed and cleaned out the rats nest that had been wedged up behind the action. The more air I blew into the piano it seemed the more dust would come out of it.

On a deadline to have this piano ready to be played at a wedding on Sunday I did a hasty restringing of several broken and missing strings. Pulling the old wires up to tone was a challenge as a good number of them had rusted.
Five days after retrieving the piano it has been cleaned, regulated, tuned and voiced and is ready for tomorrow’s wedding.

After the wedding I’ll be bringing the piano back and plan on restringing it with all new strings and refinishing the iron plate.
If you’re in the market for a beautiful petite baby grand, this Monarch is for you!

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